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Media Report :07.26. 99 Commercial Times--- Industrial Technology

NEWCAL Electronic Industries CO.,Ltd. set up 1982., which is the largest manufactures of digital display board in the nation. It is the professional that engaged in various types of digital electronic display development and mechatronics products. Face to the situation about Global warming and energy conservation in the world. This year, NEWCAL focus on energy-saving products, such as: LED lamp and LED street lighting etc. The manager Huang of NEWCAL says: in order to develop industry to the mainland, the company will be to developed its own energy-saving products as be the main to the markets of the Europe and America. All LED is R&D, produced, manufactured and marketed by itsself. In the same time, its quality of products is certified by ITRI, and its life up to 30,000 hours or more. The main products as below: